We're down but not out this summer.

We're taking our own advice and e-biking around Europe - roundabout the Arc de Triomphe, Amsterdam, Via Appia Antica in Rome, Promenades in Nice and Cannes, and maybe during la corrida de toros in Pamplona. We're going to sneak in e-bikes and race the bulls to the ring. We'll be back in August.

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Discover Teton Valley Idaho with a basket on your e-bike.

Power your pedals. Experience shinrin-yoku or forest-bathing by e-bike. Explore the national parks, forests, farmers markets, shops, galleries, restaurants, theaters, rodeo, breweries, music venues, trails, and pathways.

  • We rent Rad Power E-bikes - RadRunners, RadWagons, and RadRovers. We also rent bike racks.

  • We drop-off and pick-up your e-bike anywhere in Teton County Idaho.

  • We provide a helmet, bike lock, and charger (if applicable) with your e-bike rental.

How much carbon are you offsetting with your e-bike rental?

Vehicle-replacement Miles

Every 20 vehicle-replacement miles is the carbon equivalent of burning 8.8 pounds of coal. Every 40 vehicle-replacement miles is the carbon equivalent of powering a home with electricity for 24 hours. Every 60 vehicle-replacement miles is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered annually by a tree. Holding your breath while riding will also increase your vehicle-replacement miles. Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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